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Ducting Components & Extraction

We manufacture ducting components for air conditioning and install dust and fume extraction systems.

Ducting Manufacture

We manufacture air conditioning ducting for a number of Mechanical Services and Refrigeration companies in the BOP. Recent jobs completed include: Tauranga District Courts, Papamoa College, Tauranga Hospital, and the Tauranga Events Centre.

All ducting manufactured complies to SMACNA (HVAC) standards.

Using the latest technology we can produce ducting in a very cost-effective manner.

we can deliver to Christchurch and wellington.

Rectangular Ducting

We can manufacture rectangular duct by hand in 2.4m lengths or from coil (automated) on our rectangular duct machine in 1.525m lengths, insulated or nude.

Spiral Ducting

  • All prices are based on 3mtr lengths however we can manufacture to your requirements.
  • Other diameters are available on request
  • Uses:
    - Air conditioning
    - Drainage pipes
    - Concrete pile casings
    - Exhaust stacks

Ducting Component Manufacture

We can manufacture all duct components and fittings, ie: grille boxes, plenums, take-offs, and transitions using our ducting software and CNC Plasma Cutter. Please contact us for a price list.

Dust And Fume Extraction

We also specialise in the installation of dust and fume extraction systems. Recent jobs completed include BOP Polytechnic Boat Building School, Tauranga Timber, and Seeka Kiwifruit bag house and ducting.

We use various duct systems for dust extraction depending on the installation and customer requirements;

  • Airtight Solutions ducting and bag houses
  • Speedlock (NZ Duct & Flex) ducting
  • Industrial Sheetmetals own manufactured ducting
  • Manufacture of cyclones

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